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[Bora Chung] Your Utopia (그녀를 만나다)

Title : Your Utopia

Date : 2024. 01. 31

Author : Bora Chung

Translator :  Anton Hur

Publisher : Algonquin (US) / Honford Star (UK) / Scribe (AU) / Hachette India (India)

Original Publisher in Korea : 그녀를 만나다 

Story : 

Bora Chung’s inimitable blend of horror, absurdity, and dark humor reaches its peak in these tales of loss and discovery, dystopia and idealism, death and immortality. In a thrilling translation by the acclaimed Anton Hur, readers will experience a variety of possible fates for humanity, from total demise via a disease whose only symptom is casual cannibalism to a world in which even dreams can be monitored and used to convict people of crimes.

In “The Center for Immortality Research,” a low-level employee runs herself ragged planning a fancy gala for donors only to be blamed for the chaos that ensues during the event in front of the mysterious celebrity benefactors hoping to live forever. In “A Song for Sleep,” an AI elevator in an apartment complex develops a tender, one-sided love for an elderly resident. “Seed” traverses the final frontier of capitalism’s destruction of the planet—but nature always creeps back to life.

If you haven’t yet experienced the fruits of Chung’s singular imagination, Your Utopia is waiting. 

LINK : Your Utopia by Bora Chung | Hachette Book Group