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[Bae Myung-hoon] Tower (타워)

Title : Tower (타워)

Date : 2021.2.15

Author  : Bae Myung-hoon (배명훈)

Translator : Sung Ryu (류승경)

Publisher : Honford Star

Original Publisher in Korea : 문학과지성사

Story : Tower is a series of interconnected stories set in Beanstalk, a 674-story skyscraper and sovereign nation. Each story deals with how citizens living in the hypermodern high-rise deal with various influences of power in their lives: a group of researchers have to tell their boss that a major powerbroker is a dog, a woman uses the power of the internet to rescue a downed fighter pilot abandoned by the government, and an out-of-towner finds himself in charge of training a gentle elephant to break up protests. Bae explores the forces that shape modern life with wit and a sly wink at the reader.