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[Bae Myung Hoon] Art and the Acceleration of Gravity (예술과 중력가속도)

Title : Art and the Acceleration of Gravity (예술과 중력가속도) 

Date : 2013.5.31

Author  : Bae Myung Hoon

Translator : Se-Woong Koo

Publisher : Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture

Korea Institute, Harvard University

Original Publisher in Korea : 단편집 예술과 중력가속도, 북하우스

Story : 

(Warning: Do not read during mealtime)

Ŭngyŏng had a small face, a lean frame, straight posture, and fair skin. She was a striking beauty. I quickly pulled over and scrutinized the photo.

“Who is she?”

Mother was all smug. “Why? Do you like her?”

“She’s probably just photogenic.”

I restarted the car, pretending I didn’t care. But I worried that the way I kept glancing at the side mirror might betray my interest.

My mind was made up. I had been seeing someone for two years. Mother wasn’t all that into Sojin but I didn’t care. Mother wasn’t rich and I wasn’t exactly young. So it was all the more surprising that she had found me such a gorgeous woman.

LINK : Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture, vol. 6 (2013)