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[Bae Myung-hoon] Taklamakan Misdelivery (타클라마칸 배달사고)

Title : Taklamakan Misdelivery (타클라마칸 배달사고)

Date : 2018.4.1

Author  : Bae Myung-hoon (배명훈)

Translator : Sung Ryu

Publisher : Asymptote Journal

Original Publisher in Korea : 웅진 오멜라스

Story : Those words jogged Eunsoo’s memory of Minso. They were both twenty-five then, and he was her first love. A kind, smart boy, he’d been that someone in her life. That was five years ago. She drifted away from him after she moved to Beanstalk, but she still thought of him sometimes. Although she never bothered to reach out.

First loves were better left in the past. Even if she’d gone to the trouble of seeking him out, she would’ve been disappointed. Back then, she was a kid who knew nothing about the real world, and so was Minso. It would be easy enough to see in their old photos. She didn’t have to look at them to know. Minso would no doubt be pictured sporting what now seemed like an old-fashioned hairstyle, an old-fashioned outfit, and a boyish grin. Beaming artlessly. Eunsoo found herself missing that artless grin.