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[Soyeon Jeong] The Flowering (개화)

Title : The Flowering (개화) 

Date : 2019.4.1

Author  : Soyeon Jeong (정소연)

Translator : Jihyun Park & Gord Sellar

Publisher : Clarkesworld Magazine

Original Publisher in Korea : 옆집의 영희 씨 (창비)

Story : 

“Nothing is unsearchable.”

Did you know that there’s a prison in Yeongdeungpo?

No, that’s a school. I mean a real prison, like the one in Hamheung. There’s one in Seoul, too—near Guro fire station. Of course, it doesn’t come up on any map search. It’s never come up when I’ve searched for it, either. Even though I’m from Seoul, I had no idea it was even there until I actually went there. No, I don’t know the address. Was it a couple of two-story buildings? Maybe three? It wasn’t very big. You won’t find it on any map, but if you know it’s there, you can find it by looking for the soldiers coming and going. There’s nothing but a single wall between the prison and the towering apartment building next door. I was surprised how close the wall was. In a way, it’s good for the people who live there: thanks to that prison being next door, there’s nothing to block the view from those apartment windows.


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