The  Complete and thorough bio-bibliography of the SFWUK member writers

ImAgin (임어진)

ImAgin is a long-time lover of science fiction, ever since she started writing stories for children and young adults. Her children’s novel Children of Delta (델타의 아이들) won the Grand Prize in the Woongjin Junior Literature Award in 2009. ImAgin's further achievements include short stories entitled "Robot Dante" (로봇 단테) and "Happy House" (해피 하우스) which won her the ARKO Creative Writing Support Grant in 2019. These short stories were included in her collection For You Who Are Leaving The Orbit (궤도를 떠나는 너에게), published in 2020.

ImAgin also co-authored SF young adult novels I Can (아이 캔) and Robot Addiction (로봇 중독). These stories feature a teen-aged protagonist and a robot who rely on each other and grow together in a near future where robots are hated and rejected. She also participated in a collection of SF historical fiction entitled Time Slip 2119 (타임슬립 2119), which centers on the lives of Korean women during the early 20th century when the Japanese Empire forcefully colonized Korea.

ImAgin's works include numerous children’s stories and young adult novels such as The Time of The Blue Whale (푸른 고래의 시간) and I Invite You (너를 초대해). She also co-authored a number of works, such as Family, Are We? (가족입니까) and Shutdown (셧다운) She wrote stories for picture books as well.

ImAgin has worked as executive editor for the children and young adult literature magazine Children and Literature from 2011-2013. Children and Literature hosts the Han, Nak Won Science Fiction Award, an SF literary award for children and young adult literature.

ImAgin thinks that children’s stories and science fiction has a lot in common in the sense that they are both free from the human-centered viewpoint and way of thinking. She likes science fiction because, among other things, it is a progressive genre where one can imagine a better future.

Bio-bibliography written by ImAgin, translated by Bora Chung.

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