The  Complete and thorough bio-bibliography of the SFWUK member writers

Sanghyo Kil (길상효)

Sanghyo Kil read more biology picture books and science books than children’s stories while growing up. As a child she enjoyed writing short situation scripts and recording them. At school she was always the one writing scripts for school plays. Starting from eighth grade she kept writing critiques and analyses of all the plots and characters in movies she watched. In high school Sanghyo joined the student broadcast and wrote two scripts weekly under the strict guidance of her senior class members. 

In college she majored in new material engineering. In graduate school she finished coursework on film studies. In 1992, her script for a TV show won the Second Prize in the SBS Miniseries Script Contest, which led to her writing the script for the young adult TV show The Dinosaur Teacher (공룡선생). Along with her child, Sanghyo was fascinated with the world of picture books. Her child grew out of it but she herself remained in that world and began to write stories for picture books. She wrote The Alleyway Will Take You (골목이 데려다줄 거예요), which won the Grand Prize in literature in the Kids Hankook Newspaper Literature Award in 2015. Her other works include The Baker of Best Bakery Ever Wears a Skirt (최고 빵집 아저씨는 치마를 입어요) and Where Are You Going, Jumdong? (점동아, 어디 가니?). Sanghyo also translates foreign picture books and young adult fiction and gives lectures on picture books. 

She aspired to stand somewhere between science and literature and wrote her first SF short story "Boyhood" (소년 시절) and won the Third Prize in the 2018 Korea Science Fiction Awards. The reviewers praised her "outstanding writing and the ability to structure the work that faithfully and adequately leads the plot," and also commented that her work was "an exemplary story for present Korean writers; one that the readers can empathize with." She hopes to write stories that can take ordinary readers smoothly to the world of SF, as she herself entered smoothly into the world of SF.

Bio-bibliography written by Sanghyo Kil, edited by Myung-hoon Bae, translated by Bora Chung.
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