The  Complete and thorough bio-bibliography of the SFWUK member writers

Youha Nam (남유하)

Youha Nam became friends with her strange imaginations since very young. At some point she started writing them down in short fictions. She studied in philosophy in college and political science in graduate school. Originally wanted to be a journalist but found herself working as an aide to a member of the Korean National Assembly. Even in the midst of political whirlwinds she always kept her dream of writing a bestseller one day. Her story "Expiration Date" (유통기한) won the Idea Award hosted by The Story Works in 2014. This propelled her drive for creative writing, and Youha began writing in earnest. She boldly declared herself a full-time writer in 2016 and has been living a lifestyle optimized for writing ever since.

Youha made her debut as a science fiction writer when her short story 'The Woman from The Future(미래의 여자)' won the Excellence Prize at the Fifth Genre Fiction in Science Contest hosted by the Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency. She also published her short story "The National Center for Death with Dignity" (국립존엄보장센터) in the Female SF Writers Anthology (여성작가 SF단편모음집) by Onuju Publishing House. Youha is a talented writer and has been working on romance stories in addition to science fiction. She is currently publishing three different novels in installments in Tocsoda, a web-novel platform by Kyobo Books. In 2018 her short story "Talk to Me, Talk" (말을 해 말을) won the Excellence Prize at the web-novel contest hosted by ONEstore Books. Youha mostly writes chilling stories about the near future where there is no room for hopes or dreams. And she is striving to write stories with a punch that will forever ring the readers’ hearts.

Bio-bibliography written by Youha Nam, edited by Myung-hoon Bae, translated by Bora Chung.
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