The  Complete and thorough bio-bibliography of the SFWUK member writers

Yonah Han (한요나)

Yonah dreamed of becoming a forensic expert and studied bioengineering in college. She was, however, disillusioned by an incident involving hate against minority in the college and decided to leave her lab. She then followed her passion for poetry and studied creative writing. During the fourth year of college, she realized that she, in fact, loved science fiction. Yonah especially likes Ray Bradbury.

In 2022, Yonah published her first book of poetry entitled The Beach of Pale Blue(연한 블루의 해변). In the same year she won the Excellency Prize in the 2022 Nexus Novel Award and published her novel entitled Misinformation Does Not Apologize(오보는 사과하지 않는다). She also published Children of the Sun(태양의 아이들), a story about balck-haired children who grew up drenched in sunlight and about a redhead named Juyoung, in the independent literary journal Begae (The Pillow), Issue 7. And Yonah participated in the queer apocalypse anthology We of the Crumbled World with a short story about robot pilot girls entitled Moriyu of the Seashore(바닷가의 모리유).

Yonah enjoys her time with her dad reminiscing about good old shows such as The Matrix, Stargate and Evangelion. These days she is pondering about science fiction that can gently approach teenagers. She is also revising her short story Children of the Sun into a novel. When she is not writing, she stays at home watching documentaries or non-Korean tv shows. Her dream is to publish an SF poetry book.

Bio-bibliography written by Yonah Han, translated by Bora Chung.

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