The  Complete and thorough bio-bibliography of the SFWUK member writers

Yoonbin Seo (서윤빈)

Growing up in Korea, unlike typical students, Yoonbin has always been attracted to doing things other than studying, such as devoting himself to religion, founding a start-up, or street dancing. He chose electrical engineering as his major because he admired Steve Jobs but soon realized that it was actually harder to get a job at a semiconductor company than to change the world, so he changed his mind and became a writer. He aspires to write stories that are totally hip hop and is training all the time so as not to lose his sense of humor.

Yoonbin debuted with his short story Luna(루나), which won the Grand Prize in the 2022 Korea Science Fiction Awards in the short story and novella category.

He is most skilled at visualizing images based on his unique imagination. He enjoys creating worlds that are beautiful and bizarre. His elegant use of Korean motifs is outstanding. He seeks to compose sentences that are as al dente as pasta. Therefore, first and foremost his stories are easily readable, but has the kind of depth and lingering reverberations that last long. He often writes about new forms of familial solidarity, sense of crisis coming from climate change and also the scientific hope that somehow we will survive, and about stars and the cosmos. The show of scientific speculation, when necessary, is based on his major and is quite impressive.

Bio-bibliography written by Yoonbin Seo, translated by Bora Chung.

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