The  Complete and thorough bio-bibliography of the SFWUK member writers

Gunhae Lee (이건해)

Gunhae had a passion for board game; so much so that he wrote reviews under the pen name “memocaptain,” created board games via crowd funding, made podcasts and published columns in Magazine Dice, a board game app magazine.

Then he thought it was cool to read ebooks on tablet computers, so he founded his own company and published independent ebooks such as a travelog entitled A Long Detour to Takayama and an essay entitled Miscellaneous Red Opinions for Wednesdays from 2010 to 2017. And in 2014 he published a short story entitled “Figuremalion” in Curious Science Instruments Anthology by Epiclog publisher. Later in 2016, after participating in the ExtremeNovel Literary Contest hosted by Haksan Publishing Company, Gunhae published a hardboiled mystery novel entitled Midnight Mahjong Parlor: The Red Diamond Murder.

Afterwards Gunhae translated Japanese middlebrow literature and games including The Mysterious Pet Shop of Shinobu-san and Me (志信さんと僕の謎解きペットショップ; Shinobusan to boku no nazotoki pet shop) while exploring various genres such as romance, mystery and adult literature and trying out literary contests. In 2021 his short story The Light of Mercy won the second prize in the Bodysnatcher Literature Contest hosted by Golden Bough Books.

Gunhae enjoys writing mysteries, the techniques of which he learned while preparing for his debut. He is influenced by Murakami Haruki and is familiar with interesting metaphors and expressing personal psychological pain. Gunhae regards his journals as the point of departure for his text and is writing essays every week about life and his hobbies. (

Bio-bibliography written by Gunhae Lee, translated by Bora Chung.

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