The  Complete and thorough bio-bibliography of the SFWUK member writers

Kyung Lee (이경)

Kyung received her doctoral degree at Seoul National University in the field of twentieth-century Korean fiction and lived her life as a researcher. Then she had a chance to take some rest. This is when she started writing her own fiction, realizing a long-time dream.

Kyung debuted as a writer in 2022 when she won the Third Prize in the Second Moon, Yoon Sung SF Literary Award in the Short Stories and Novellas category with her story entitled "The Case Concerning the Appearance of Alexander Skarsgård in the Living Room in the Middle of the Night" (한밤중 거실 한복판에 알렉산더 스카스가드가 나타난 건에 대하여). The jury commented that her fiction “guides the reader to the end in one breath with a cheerful plot and smooth sentences while showing the author’s critical mind;” that she has shown her ability as a writer with “a story that has depth but without pretense,” and that her fiction is “highly regarded in terms of both artistry and popular appeal.”

In the same year Kyung published a short story entitled "Learning Definitely Has No Limits" (만물의 앎에는 참으로 끝이 없다) in the SF quarterly magazine Earthian Tales Vol. 4. The literary magazine Mun Hak Dong Ne reviewed her story in the Winter issue of 2022. The reviewer concluded that Kyung “shows a new kind of imagination on the human species” by presenting robots that “defy what has so far been confidered humanity.”

Kyung has also published a short story entitled “Tonight the Stork Will Visit You” (오늘밤 황새가 당신을 찾아갑니다). She will publish her first collection of short stories in October, 2023.

Kyung is deeply interested in the limits of humans and humanity and their transformation. Therefore she often deals with and likes to write about robots, artificial intelligence, cyborgs and such human-adjacent beings that mingle in the human world. She aspires to write fun and beautiful stories.


Bio-bibliography written by Kyung Lee, edited by Bora Chung, translated by Bora Chung.
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