The  Complete and thorough bio-bibliography of the SFWUK member writers

Kyunga Song (송경아)

Kyunga Song loved to read since she was very young but had no friends or adults to guide her. So she randomly read everything around her. In her early twenties, when PC networks were briefly popular before the Internet, she wrote and posted the kind of novels that she would want to read. She made her debut at Sang Sang, a literary magazine discontinued in 1994, with the short story "The Committee of Runaway Teens" (청소년 가출 협회). In the same year, she compiled her first collection of short stories entitled Partial Quotation of the Examination on Case Studies on the Literary Influences of Sex on the Relationship between Two People (성교가 두 인간의 관계에 미치는 문학적 영향에 대한 고찰 중 사례연구 부분인용). Afterwards she mainly worked with literary journals and published short story collections such as The Book (책) and The Elevator (엘리베이터).

Critics pointed out that in her works the real and the fantastic interact with each other, which was rare in Korean fiction at the times. She allegorically told the story about young women in their teens and early twenties and how their sense of identity conflict with society. Her works tend to cross the boundary between SF and fantasy. In 1998 Kyunga enrolled in the graduate program at Yonsei University, majoring in Korean literature with a focus on modern novels. At the same time she was an active member of a progressive political party and also a translator of SF, fantasy, and young adult novels.

After finishing her doctoral coursework in 2006, she taught SF and genre literature from time to time at universities in the creative writing departments. She expanded her scope of interest to teenage novels, and published Whether It be Me or Her that Loved (누나가 사랑했든 내가 사랑했든) in 2013.

Bio-bibliography written by Kyunga Song, edited by Myung-hoon Bae, translated by Bora Chung.
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