The  Complete and thorough bio-bibliography of the SFWUK member writers

Heyjin Jeon (전혜진)

Heyjin started drawing storyboard for comics and writing novels, influenced by Korean girl's comics(Shōjo manga)and Japanese comics she read in her teenage years. Then she posted her works online on Nownuri and Joara. 

Heyjin made her debut with the novel Community Administrations Center under the Moon (월하의 동사무소), which won the first Issue Novels Award hosted by Daewon CI in 2007. Afterwards, she became interested in mystery, thriller, historical pieces and SF. Hyejin wrote the stories for graphic novels such as The Lady Detective (Lizzie Newton: Victorian Mysteries 레이디 디텍티브), Tower of Sorrowful Wishes (비원의 탑), Liberté (리베르떼) and PermIT!!! while publishing short stories in the SF-fantasy Mirror Webzine and the SF magazine Futuroscope. Her works were published as a collection entitled The Alley of Red Lanterns (홍등의 골목). Heyjin also published her short stories in various anthologies including Graduated, Thankfully (다행히 졸업), The Hollow Bubble (텅 빈 거품), Under The Closed Eyelids (감겨진 눈 아래에) and May Eighteenth, From Submarine Bunny (5월 18일, 잠수함 토끼 드림). She also published novels such as Shackles – A Brother-And-Sister Story (족쇄 – 두 남매 이야기), Metis Project (메티스 프로젝트) and Two Hundred and Eighty Days (280일). In 2020 Heyjin published her research on the history of Korean SF and girls’ comics (Shōjo manga, or Sunjeong manwha in Korean) entitled To Find Lineage of Korean Science Fiction in Sunjeong Manhwa (순정만화에서 SF의 계보를 찾다). In this book she focused on science fiction graphic novels by Korean women artists for Korean women readers as a major part of Korean science fiction history. In 2021 she published a collection of short stories entitled Atlantis Girl (아틀란티스 소녀). Heyjin is an active member of genre literature groups such as Mirror webzine and The Grotesque Society and writes SF short stories, full-length thrillers, historical dramas, essays and much more.

She prefers to set her stories in a relatively near future in Korea with main character(s) who wish to know something. She deals with a wide range of topics in diverse genres in the literary field as well as in the graphic novel field. Heyjin’s motto is “Pay Me Right and I Will Deliver.”

Bio-bibliography written by Heyjin Jeon, edited by Myung-hoon Bae, translated by Bora Chung.
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