The  Complete and thorough bio-bibliography of the SFWUK member writers

Jee-woon Hong (홍지운)

Jee-woon Hong is a fan of actress Kkobbi Kim and a science fiction writer. Married. Professor of comics storytelling and genre literature at Chungkang College of Cultural Industries. Won Gwacheon Science Center SF Award for Best Novel in 2015 with his novel The Ultimate Garbanion (무안만용 가르바니온). His publications include: Tiger Princess’s Elegant and Destructive Coming-of-Age Ceremony (호랑공주의 우아하고 파괴적인 성인식), an alternate history story where Daehan Empire still exists in the twenty-first century; Physical Error Report (물리적 오류 발생 보고서), a spin-off of webtoon Denma by Yang, Young-Soon; story collections such as Case of Gummi Bear Murders (구미베어 살인사건), which features stories centering on teddy bears; Dragon of Malice and Fear is a Familiar One (악의와 공포와 용은 익히 아는 자여라), a rearrangement of famous Korean children’s animation series such as Dooly the Little Dinosaur; and Tale of Monthly Raging Alcoholic Superhero (월간주폭초인전), a collection of stories featuring female superheroes from Kyung-gi Province. He has also participated in an anthology entitled Welcome to Myung-shin School (명신학교에 오신 걸 환영합니다) and other collected works of various authors. 

He claims that he writes only relying on tricks without talent or sincerity. Although he is a SF writer, his works mostly feature variations of the tropes and topics of the genre with or without basis of scientific verisimilitude. For example, popping each bubble in a bubble wrap may lead to the destruction of civilizations inside the bubbles; a super heroine may get her superpowers when she is having her period; or a group of mass-cloned Michael Jacksons occupy Seoul. Rooted in the sentimentality of the generation that witnessed the influx of Japanese pop culture in 1998, he writes with affection about actress Kkobbi Kim, the Sega Saturn console, and commercial feature film comedies. His aim is not to create the masterpiece of the century but to write propaganda pieces that can give a quick laugh.

According to the SF writer Bo-Young Kim, Jee-woon is "the indispensable sidekick in a super hero team, neither as strong as Superman nor as smart as Batman, but in charge of the humor and the jokes."

Bio-bibliography written by Jiwoon Hong, edited by Myung-hoon Bae, translated by Bora Chung.
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